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Fast Auto Tag Removal Kit

Fast Auto Tag Removal Kit

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Fast Auto Tag Removal Kit

Product Name

Skin Tag Remover Kit

Material: ABS

Color: Blue, Green

Applicable Size: 2-8mm

This remover device works by stopping the skin tags blood supply, will cause the skin tag to drop off

within days. Working without leaving any scars and no sensation. Say goodbye to expensive, painful

cosmetic or dermatological procedures.

Easy to Use

Place the cone over the skin tag, press down the removal device to push off the band to

the skin tag. Then just wait the skin tag falls off. You can remove skin tags easily, discreetly and

inexpensively from the comfort of your own home.

Widely Application

The skin tag remover can be used on all skin tags that are small to large (2 mm-8 mm).

The skin tag remover kit can be used on most body parts and is suitable for the face and body

except for the sensitive eye area.Package Included

2pcs x Band Remover

1pc x Band Loader

20pcs x 2-4mm Small Rubber Bands

20pcs x 4-8mm Big Rubber Bands

10pcs x Alcohol Pad



Other accessories demo in the picture is not included.

Actual colors may be a little different due to different monitors.

Please allow 1-5mm deviation due to manual measurement.

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